Who we are & What we do


«BĂTRÎNEŢE FĂRĂ TRISTEŢE» is a public association registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova on 27 April 1999 the legal status of nonprofit, apolitical, non-governmental.
The mission of the Association is to address social issues and to provide support services to socially vulnerable population, namely elderly, abandoned children, children with disabilities, families with many children, especially in rural areas.
NGO «BĂTRÎNEŢE FĂRĂ TRISTEŢE» supporting vulnerable people, respecting the principles of dignity, self-determination, autonomy and confidentiality.

To fulfill its mission, «BĂTRÎNEŢE FĂRĂ TRISTEŢE»:

• create social centers for elderly people and children with disabilities;
• will provide material and technical basis for them;
• propose social care services to beneficiaries both in social centers created and do home;
• initiate and manage various charities collecting financial resources at the Association’s budget by performing services which do not contradict Moldovan legislation and Staff Association.

Through its activities, the NGO «BĂTRÎNEŢE FĂRĂ TRISTEŢE»,
contribute to:
a) The promotion of fundamental human rights and freedoms;
b) Capitalization of individual potential through education, training and facilitating the expression of socially vulnerable people, especially the elderly, to stimulate creativity and personal resources for each person individually;
c) Respect for diversity and equality of opportunity;
d) Protecting the environment as an expression of sustainable development.